Recorded May 22-23, 2021

"The reason we come to work every day is contained in the two letter verb - DO. Our job is to structure the activity of learning."

Tools for Teaching was developed by studying successful teachers and identifying the fundamental skills that set them apart. Let us share these essential skills and strategies with you. Join us in this webinar to dive deep into the entirety of Tools for Teaching.

Learn To REDUCE:

  • Stress
  • Student Disruptions
  • Backtalk
  • Helpless Handraising
  • Dawdling

Learn to INCREASE:

  • Time-on-Task
  • Cooperation
  • Responsible Behavior
  • Motivation
  • Independent Learning


Learn to adapt Tools for Teaching to a Virtual Classroom.
Easy implementation with immediate results.

Don't Miss Out

Learn the skills of
Tools for Teaching and
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Lesson Topics

This training covers the whole of Tools for Teaching - Discipline, Instruction, and Motivation.

Below is the list of lesson topics and general agenda.

Tools for Teaching

  1. Working the Crowd and Room Arrangement
  2. Helpless Handraisers and Corrective Feedback
  3. Visual Instructional Plans
  4. Say, See, Do Teaching
  5. Calm Is Strength
  6. The Importance of Consistency
  7. Meaning Business & Body Language
  8. Dealing with Backtalk
  9. Moving In & Moving Out
  10. Rules & Routines
  11. Preferred Activity Time

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