Course Description

Our "Essentials" course includes the core Discipline and Instruction strategies of Tools for Teaching. The focus is on Discipline Management with emphasis on the prevention and remediation of discipline problems.


  • Working the Crowd and Room Arrangement
  • The Helpless Handraisers and Corrective Feedback
  • Visual Instructional Plans


  • Calm Is Strength
  • Meaning Business and Body Language
  • Dealing with Backtalk


Lead Trainer

Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones has been working with Fred since the mid-nineties and giving workshops since 2006. Since Fred retired in 2014, Patrick has been the lead trainer and consultant for Tools for Teaching. He has a Masters of Education from UC Santa Cruz and was a secondary teacher many years, as well as Director of Title I. He was also a long-time girls and boys varsity basketball coach. He worked side-by-side with Dr. Jones to produce all of the Tools for Teaching courses and materials.