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The Tools for Teaching Parent Edition was originally designed for teachers to train their classrooms' parents in the skills of Tools for Teaching. This way, the parents could mirror the strategies used in the classroom at home.

Now, we are opening up the training so families from everywhere can benefit from these strategies - not just the one's at Tools for Teaching schools. We believe that The Parent Edition provides parents with the skills to build a cooperative, non-combative, respectful household without sacrificing loving and meaningful relationships with their children.

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"It would be a crime not to try this. I put the methods into practice and it has helped me greatly. I always thought I was a good, active parent, but this has helped me be better."

Versie Burgess, Former President
Midwest Region 6 Title One Parents Association

"I want to tell you how useful your Limit Setting techniques have been with my oldest daughter. Sometimes I didn't even realize I was using Limit Setting until after I did it. It diffuses a lot of potential screaming and stress at home, just like it did in the classroom."

Jennifer Blaske, Parent & Teacher
Marietta, GA

I believe that Dr. Jones has created a special program for parents. They get to know their children better, and they're able to see them grow and excel academically, personally, and within their family. I think it brings families closer together.

Derrick Rainer, high school senior
Little Rock, AR

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